Arists Services

Recording and Production

  • Studio time and engineering for recording music
  • Music production, arrangement and mixing services
  • High End Mastering services

Songwriting and Composition

  • Collaborating with songwriters to create original music
  • Assistance in refining lyrics and melodies

Vocal Coaching and Training

  • Vocal lessons and training to improve singing skills
  • Guidance on vocal techniques and performance style

Music Video Production

  • Concept development and storyboard creation for music videos
  • Videography, directing and post-production services

Visual Branding and Artwork:

  • Album/single cover design and artwork creation
  • Designing promotional materials and merchandise

Music Distribution and Promotion

  • Distributing music to streaming platforms and digital stores
  • Marketing and promotion strategies for new releases

Website and Online Store

  • Creating and maintaining an official artist website
  • Setting up an online store for music and merchandise sales

Royalties and Financial Management

  • Monitoring and tracking music royalties
  • Financial planning and budgeting: we give acces to the national foundings for art and music

Distribution Codes generation 

  • We provide ISRC Codes for your recording Master files
  • We provide UPC codes for your releases

Educational and Skill Development

  • Attending workshops, classes and training to improve musical skills 
  • Continuous learning to stay up to date on industry trends

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